Choose our boxed donuts for your next event

Imagine our fresh and fancy, (just cooked that morning) gourmet donuts looking amazing at your bestie’s surprise birthday or your daughter’s wedding. Or the squeals of delight as the kids tuck into gorgeous packs of donut minis….classic jam, choc ice, maple glaze .. even fairy bread donuts to make them smile.

Here at LA DONUTS we create amazing, fresh donuts in all shapes, sizes, colours, and flavours. Cooked to order for your special event, choose our donut minis, regular or supersizes in all your classic and gourmet flavours. You’ll wow your friends with the best American-style donuts in Sydney.

Sydney's Best Donuts

Yes, Sydney’s best donuts!

Freshly cooked to order everyday
Beautifully packaged and presented
Hand cut by real chefs who love great food
Available in any colour or flavour combination

Forget that boring finger food and obscure canapés, donuts are the deliciously, fun and super cool way to delight your guests. And your family and friends too.

Get in touch today for our full price list and menu. You can choose mini donuts that focus on the fun supersized donuts for a full dessert dish
donuts in colours and designs that match your event theme

Please book at least 5-7 days in advance, but give us extra notice for big events.

Call (02)9758-0054

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